Monday Prayers


Father God,

You know the end from the beginning

Nothing takes You by surprise

You exist in the eternal realm

And are not held by the hands of time

We ask You to keep us centred on truth

Keep us from cowering in fear when we hear of wars

And rumours of wars

When nation rises against nation

Kingdom against kingdom

In the face of famines and earthquakes

In various places

The beginning of birth pains on the Earth

May we remain steadfast, immovable

Abounding in Your work Lord

When persecution arises

May we not turn away from our faith

Or hate each other

Or betray one another

When the love of many grows cold

Because of the increase of wickedness

In the world

We ask this above all else…

Ignite our hearts to love, love, love

And in this love

 Stand firm to the end

In the name of Jesus (Messiah), Amen.

Matthew 24 v 4- 12 


2 thoughts on “Monday Prayers

  1. Truly divine. Ghana will have a supreme court verdict on a the results of the last presidential election cone Thursday which is being challenged by the opposition party. There are rumours of “war” and civil unrest all over. May our hearts not be moved indeed and in Jesus name. God bless you.

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