Coerced into Community?


‘There is a part of your individuality, your gifting and your call that will never be unlocked apart from community’ – Jeremy Riddle

Community is beautiful when it works as God designed it to. Common- Unity, common unity is a character trait of true community.

True community surrounds us like a cloak and will not let us go or abandon us when we most need it. True community provides a way for us to see our own distinct ways of being and doing in the light of others. It is integral to the establishment of a healthy identity.

Community facilitates friendship and companionship. There is a place for everyone and everyone has their place.

The government recognises the power of true community, and as such has tried to manipulate and coerce community into being.

Legislation, policy and organised groups have been set up around the country, hoping to restore lost community, hoping to inspire us once again that it works.

We need a revival of true community, a restoration of our faith in it, an understanding of our own need for community.

Lack of true community leaves many socially depleted and spiritually poor. The elderly in particular, suffering with illnesses like Dementia can experience an increase in symptoms if social isolation is present. The darkness of mental illness is exacerbated when community is missing.

Loneliness and isolation are common outcomes when we are deprived of common- unity.

“The more isolated and disconnected we are, the more shattered and distorted our self-identity. We are not healthy when we are alone. We find ourselves when we connect to others. Without community we don’t know who we are…
When we live outside of healthy community, we not only lose others. We lose ourselves…Who we understand ourselves to be is dramatically affected for better or worse by those we hold closest to us.”

― Erwin Raphael McManus

God sets the lonely in families (Psalm 68 v 6), He is close to the broken-hearted (Psalm 34 v 18) so we must be too.

May we be proactive in this; refusing to be legislated and coerced into community but leading the way into it. May it be in our DNA as followers of Christ- a natural way of living, moving and having our being.

True community is built on Christ.

Are you actively involved in true community?


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