Monday Prayers


Father God,

We thank You that Jesus has given us a perfect example of humility.

Help us to reflect this in our relationships with one another, with every person we encounter throughout our days.

To value others above ourselves.

Not looking only to our own interests.

But caring deeply about the interests of others.

Your word says that we have the mind of Christ.

May we have the same attitude of mind that Jesus had.

Taking the very nature of a servant.

Humbling ourselves.

Becoming obedient to the death of our selfish desires.

Laying down our lives for our friends.

Picking up our cross and following after You.

Thank You Jesus that You didn’t consider equality with God something to be used to Your own advantage.

But You made Yourself nothing, took on the nature of a servant and became made in human likeness.

So we exalt Your name above every other in our lives.

We acknowledge and confess freely that You are Lord.

May we consistently and consciously reflect Your humility.

And bring much glory to You.


In the name of Jesus (Messiah), Amen.

–          Philippians 2 v 4- 11.


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