What Moves Me

“Creativity takes courage.”
― Henri Matisse

To reach someone with the Gospel message is to move them. To speak their language, move their heart, challenge their minds and stir their spirits. It means engaging with the culture they live in and building connections to the faith.

Culture, creativity, and diversity- it all relates to Jesus. In Him all things were created, all things were created through Him and for Him (1 Colossians 16).

We are called to be creatively and collectively ‘all things to all men’, so that we might what?

Save some!

People want to be around those who move them, who make them feel alive and valued. Jesus must have been like this, why else would notorious sinners and societal outcasts cram into houses to dine with Him? Why else would they give Him their undivided attention and sit for hours listening to what He had to say? Yes, He was anointed and filled with the Holy Spirit, but so are we.

Jesus did something we often fail to do. He moved them. He moved them with the counter-cultural things He taught, the creative and bizarre miracles He performed, and the analogies He used to bring heavenly concepts to earthly minds.

By embracing creative expression we are embracing our Creator God.

What moves me…

Art– All kinds of art, both historical and modern. I love to stand and gaze at a work of art. To note every detail; taking in colour, shape and patterns. I enjoy interpreting the art, wondering what the intention of the artist might have been and allowing the art to ‘speak’ to me in a prophetic way.



Dance– Oh how I miss dance. I grew up dancing and pursued it as far as A Level. Dancing or just watching dance always inspires me. It energises me and makes me smile. To dance is to express a part of me that cannot be expressed any other way. It is a way of connecting with music and rhythm.


Music– Live music is always best. There is nothing like the satisfaction and pleasure gained from hearing instruments, voices and melodies blend together to form an entirely new sound. Some music just hits the spot, calms the mind and stirs the spirit.


Film– I can get lost in a good film. The narrative, soundtrack, effects, plot and characters all combine to transport me to another world. Films have the potential to spark the imagination and convey messages in a unique way. Good films live on in our memories, impacting our lives in untold ways. They can provide a beautiful way of escape from the monotony of daily life.


Writing/Reading– Books glorious books. Books have raised me both emotionally and intellectually. I have learned from them and been challenged by them. Books have been my companions throughout turbulent and joyous periods of my life. They have inspired me to love knowledge, taught me to appreciate beautiful writing and made me more aware of the great narrative of life.


Poetry– Good poetry is like water to the soul. A spring in the desert. It helps me express the inexpressible.

Hildegard of Bingen (1098–1179)

O Comforting Fire of Spirit

O comforting fire of Spirit,
Life, within the very Life of all Creation.
Holy you are in giving life to All.

Holy you are in anointing
those who are not whole;
Holy you are in cleansing
a festering wound.

O sacred breath,
O fire of love,
O sweetest taste in my breast
which fills my heart
with a fine aroma of virtues.

O most pure fountain
through whom it is known
that God has united strangers
and inquired after the lost.

O breastplate of life
and hope of uniting
all members as One,
O sword-belt of honor,
enfold those who offer blessing.

Care for those
who are imprisoned by the enemy
and dissolve the bonds of those
whom Divinity wishes to save.

O mightiest path which penetrates All,
from the height to every Earthly abyss,
you compose All, you unite All.

Through you clouds stream, ether flies,
stones gain moisture,
waters become streams,
and the earth exudes Life.

You always draw out knowledge,
bringing joy through Wisdom’s inspiration.

Therefore, praise be to you
who are the sound of praise
and the greatest prize of Life,
who are hope and richest honor
bequeathing the reward of Light

Let’s get out there and move people. Let’s get creative.


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