Monday Prayers



Father God, thank-you that You are willing to leave the 99 for the 1.

Make us willing to do the same.

Willing to do all it takes to reach the lost, shunned and rejected in our Cities and Nations.

Help us to shake off apathy and lethargy in the face of evil.

To be moved with compassion for the problems of mankind.

To be like You.

We want to stand, having done all to stand.

Stand up for the broken ones and those who remain out of sight, out of mind.

Open our eyes to see the orphans, widows, slaves and oppressed on our doorsteps.

Not just to see them, but to listen to Your heartbeat, Your will for them, and to act.

To do what we are able to do.

Knowing You will be faithful to do what only You can do.

There is more rejoicing in heaven over one who repents and turns to You.

Than over 99 who have no need to repent.

We want to rejoice with You.


In the name of Jesus (Messiah), Amen.

-Luke 15 v 3 – 7



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