Return to Grace


The Sun of Grace

If you have the capacity
To create the clouds of trouble,
Then God has the capacity
To create the sun of Grace.
For whom, if not for you,
For you alone?

– Sri Chinmoy


This week I felt I had not walked worthy of my calling. I did all I knew to do; confessed, repented, prayed, mourned in silence before God and took action. I felt wretched and longed to be free once and for all of the sins that so easily beset me. Free from the broken parts of me that surface when I least want or expect.

It takes faith to rise from the ashes. To believe in ourselves again after a relapse in judgment.

I made a major effort to put my faith and trust in God’s willingness to forgive, renew and restore. Forgetting what was behind and pressing on to what is ahead of me. As I tentatively drew near to God again I heard Him speaking. He spoke not of more discipline, or of the need to stay rooted and grounded in His love, nor the strength of my flesh.

He spoke of His love for me, His extreme undeserved favour poured out upon my life, the purpose and calling He had yet for me to fulfil. It was grace unmeasured, vast and free.

“I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion”- Romans 9 v 15

The decision is totally up to God, and His decision is yes. Yes, He will have compassion on us, yes; He will have mercy on us.

We do not have time to spend wallowing in the memory of our sins and failures. There is too much hope for that, too much future glory to enter into. There are people waiting to hear our redemption stories.

Believe- receive- extend. Believe the word of God about our sins being washed away. Receive His love unashamedly. Extend the grace you are experiencing to others.

Pardon speaks louder than any theological debate ever could. Grace is not normal, not in line with the status quo. It is definitely not politically correct.

Grace will always take the world by surprise.

It can be tempting to magnify the sins in our lives, to ruminate on them and speculate about them. We can amplify the struggle with sin to epic proportions if we are not careful. This can plunge us into a downward spiral of legalism and fear. But remember;

‘In your struggle against sin, you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.’- Hebrews 12 v 4

The struggle we face is not that bad. It never will be. That battle has already been contended for and won.

Let us not fixate on what we could do, should do, and would do if only… I believe it is the Father’s heart for us to fix our eyes on Him and His ability.

To return to Him. Return to grace.

Have you strayed from grace? 


7 thoughts on “Return to Grace

  1. How gracious of our God to meet us with His loving kindness… in our wretchedness … Who could stand in His holiness if He didn’t? Thanks for you beautiful reminder and for stopping by at my blog… glad our paths crossed! Looking forward to reading more at your place 🙂

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