A Glimpse of Real Love


Yesterday I saw love played out in front of me. It captured my attention, allowing me a glimpse of real love. Enduring and true love.

I was seated in the home of an elderly couple, the fire in their lounge was blazing and a hot cup of tea had just been handed to me. I felt warm and comfortable, relaxed in their presence.

They spoke to each other with  familiarity and fondness, it seemed to automatically exclude everyone else in the room while they conversed. They looked at each other without speaking at times, communicating with a smile what they wanted to say. He would speak highly of her; she would tease him and laugh. He would ask her to share a story with me and she would oblige, checking with him throughout that she was getting the details right.

They retold the story of how they met, she- just a teenager. He had shown a gesture of immense kindness to her and had offered practical help in a time of grief. The rest, as they say, is history.

He reiterated throughout my time with them how much he loved his wife, how he didn’t like being apart from her. She sat quietly listening, her face showing joy at his words. She told me how they spent most of their time together now, how they had a routine each day. I learned about their favourite place to go for a stroll together, about their children and grandchildren.

I was entranced. The sheer strength of their love for each other was almost tangible in the room. It wasn’t forced at all. They moved around each other like clockwork, in tune with each other’s wants and needs.

Countless photographs adorned the walls of their home. I felt as if I had entered into a sacred space.

These were two imperfect people who were perfect for each other. They had weathered the storms of life, battled through disease and the death of loved ones. Overcome disappointment with one another and forgiven each other for countless wrongs. They had decided to stick with each other, to be there for each other.

I have no idea if they are believers in Jesus. All I know is that the kindness they showed me, the welcome I received into their home and the love they shared gave me a glimpse of my Saviour.

I wanted to tell them; to express what impact they were having upon me, to thank them.

Believers or not- the grace of God is present in their lives. Only He can establish love like that. Only He can sustain love like that.

Imagine if we all created homes like this, full of the kind of love that draws people in…

‘Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away. If one were to give all the wealth of one’s house for love, it would be utterly scorned’.-Song of Songs 8 v 7




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