Glow in the Dark


“If there is darkness, there is light, and it will overcome”- James Maloney

I have had to come to terms with the fact that, if I want to follow Jesus and become more like Him, I WILL stand out.

There are times when I want to stay out of the spotlight, to blend in and not be noticed. Times when standing out seems like too much responsibility and effort. It can also leave me feeling incredibly alone and vulnerable.

What I have come to realise is that yes, it can feel like that, and yes, it is not always comfortable. But as followers of and believers in Jesus- we will stand out by default. We will stand out without even realising it, without trying to and without conscious effort simply because of His Spirit within us.

When we believed, we were marked in Him with a seal (Ephesians 1 v 13).

Matthew 5 v 14-15 emphasises this reality, the reality that we cannot hide our light just as a city on a hill would have a hard time hiding itself from view. We were made to shine; it’s our design, part of our DNA.

Scripture declares that the light shines in the darkness. It doesn’t say ‘it might shine’, ‘could shine’ or ‘should shine’. It just does.

The good news is that we overcome- the light wins every time in the dark. So, armed with this truth we can stand out with a measure of confidence. Let’s allow His light to shine through us every day, everywhere we go. Let’s be who God has called us to be, embracing our personalities, abilities and idiosyncrasies. If we are walking with Him He can redeem any part of our lives that is not glorifying of Him.

After all, the end purpose is to let our light shine before others, so they may see our good deeds and glorify our Father in heaven (Matthew 5 v 16).

Not everyone likes the light. We will encounter many people along this journey of life that will fight against the light in us. They may ridicule, provoke, avoid or attack that light. Nevertheless, keep shining.

Keep speaking positively when others are speaking negatively.

Keep looking for solutions rather than magnifying problems.

Keep praising God when times are hard.

Keep encouraging others in the face of discouraging situations.

Keep believing God and taking Him at His word.

‘So come on, come on, get it on
Don’t know what you’re waiting for
Your time is coming don’t be late, hey hey
So come on
See the light on your face
Let it shine
Just let it shine
Let it shine’. 

“Shine” by Take That





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